Power Flowers


This section requests information about other wedding items that you require for the special day. Power Flowers rents these items at very affordable daily rates. Identify the desired items by selecting the adjacent check boxes.

Wedding Arch: The arch is typically placed at the entrance to the aisle. Power Flowers decorates the arch with artificial flowers.

Roman Column(s): Roman columns are typically placed along the sides of the aisle, and candled floral arrangements are placed on top of each column.

Candelabra(s): Candelabras are typically placed at the front of the ceremony. Power Flowers also supplies the candles and appropriate candelabra decorations.

Signing Pen: For the signing of the registry. Rose petals or other soft touches can be placed near the pen.

Ring Pillow: For presentation of the rings.

Aisle Runner: A long carpet that is placed in the aisle.

Hurricane Glass(es): Candles placed in arched glasses with appropriate decorations around the perimeters. Can be used in different situations.

Artificial Flower Arrangement(s): Designed floral arrangements consisting of artifical flowers. Artificial floral arrangements can be placed at regular intervals to decorate long, plain walls.

Table Candle(s): Simple but nicely-designed candles for table use.

Money Box : Decorative box where monetary gifts can be deposited through a mail slot.

If you require items that are not listed above, specify the item names in the Other box. Power Flowers will investigate the purchase of these items.