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St. Patrick Street

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Since Power Flowers is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, a large number of the flower deliveries we perform are to hotels, businesses, offices, hospitals, condominium and apartment buildings, theatres and other locations in the downtown core. As a result, Power Flowers has developed a deep knowledge of the downtown Toronto area. It is the area of Toronto we know best which means that we can rapidly deliver flower arrangements and bouquets to different destinations in downtown Toronto, including those located on St. Patrick Street.

St. Patrick Street is a north-south road in downtown Toronto that runs from Queen Street West in the south to Elm Street in the north. St. Patrick Street runs parallel to McCaul Street to the west and Simcoe Street to the east. In addition to residences in the form of condominiums and apartment buildings, office buildings and different businesses are also located on this street.

Frequent Flower Delivery Locations on St. Patrick Street

 96 St. Patrick Street

Why Downtown Toronto Flower Delivery by Power Flowers Makes Sense

St. Patrick Street - Downtown Toronto

Lillies, monte casino blue, carnations, waxflowers, daisies, and roses
Roses, commercial mum, lily, scabiosa, pompoms, and waxflowers
Gerbera, alstroemeria, daisies, solidago, and snapdragon
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