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Why Downtown Toronto Flower Delivery by Power Flowers Makes Sense

As a result of being located in downtown Toronto, Power Flowers has made an extremely large number of flower deliveries to different places in the downtown core. In addition to our central location, there is a number of good reasons for relying on Power Flowers to deliver your flower arrangement or bouquet in downtown Toronto.


There was a time many years ago that one could park free on major streets in downtown Toronto any time of the day. You could park your car in the morning and drive away in the afternoon or evening without any hit to your wallet. Those days are gone. Today, there are very few free street parking spaces in the downtown core. Parking in other open spaces will usually result in parking tickets starting at $40.00 being issued. Depending on when and where the parking ticket is issued, a penalty of $150.00 can be assessed.

From experience, there are certain flower delivery locations in downtown Toronto that are more challenging than others. It helps to be knowledgeable of the area and know where certain side streets are located. Instead of running the risk of receiving costly parking tickets, eliminate the stress by assigning Power Flowers the responsibility of delivering flowers in the downtown Toronto area.


Both long-term and short-term construction projects affects the flow of traffic in downtown Toronto. Since the downtown core is the area of Toronto where a large percentage of our flower deliveries are conducted, we know which roads are currently impacted by construction activities at any point in time and how to circumnavigate around trouble spots.

One-Way Streets

Although Adelaide Street and Richmond Street are the two major one-way streets in downtown Toronto, there are a number of secondary roads that are also one-way. If you are unfamiliar with the roads in downtown Toronto, one can accidentally traverse a one-way street in the wrong direction. To avoid accidents, it is much safer to have your flower arrangement or bouquet delivered by a florist that is familiar with the network of roads in downtown Toronto.

Illegal Turns

In downtown Toronto, there is a busy intersection where tickets are frequently issued to drivers making illegal left or right-hand turns. To further complicate the process of navigating around downtown Toronto, each intersection has different time periods where left or right-hand turns are prohibited, and the text on the signs indicating when turns can not be made is difficult to read from a distance or in the dark. As a result of having driven in downtown Toronto for a number of years, we know where and when turns can be made at certain intersections.

Local Knowledge

Due to the density of buildings in downtown Toronto, it is not easy to locate a specific address if one is not familiar with the area. It is common to see drivers rapidly turning their heads left and right to find their downtown Toronto destinations. One of the keys to driving in downtown Toronto is knowing where delivery destinations are located and moving into the right lanes at the right time. Power Flowers knows the names and addresses of the major buildings and facilities in downtown Toronto and how best to get to these locations. In addition, we know where the entrances to shipping and receiving areas are located.

Automobile Wear and Tear

Due to the constant starting and stopping at the many intersections in downtown Toronto, the wear and tear on cars that frequently operate in the downtown core can be quite severe. The braking system is subject to more stress in downtown Toronto and requires frequent maintenance. To prevent unnecessary damage to certain parts of your automobile, ask Power Flowers to deliver flower arrangements and bouquets in downtown Toronto.

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